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What does it mean to be a freelancer at Living Stone?

As a B2B marketing agency with over 30 years of experience, we’ve got the business experience and scope to develop and manage projects of all sizes, including regional, national and international marketing programs. During these 30 years we’ve also created a solid freelancing network all over the world. Some of our freelancers help us just to get some campaigns on track, but others stick around a little bit longer… like Judy, who has been one of our freelancing ‘rocks’ for almost 20 years now. Eager to meet her? Then read on!  

Not your ordinary freelancer  

If you Google the noun ‘freelancer’ you would find something like this: “A freelancer is an individual who makes money on a per-job basis. They usually earn on a per-task basis and generally work for a short time for one firm.” The first part is surely true, but in Judy’s case, she has really become a member of the Living Stone family.  

From client to freelancer  

Judy lives and works in Toronto, Canada. She first connected with Living Stone in the early nineties when she was corporate communications manager at AGFA back then, also based in Canada. She switched to the healthcare division of AGFA and chose again to work with Living Stone on some B2B magazines. When Judy decided to become self-employed some years later, the relationship with our agency did not end. On the contrary: she started freelancing in 2004 for Living Stone and is still one of our main freelancers 18 years later.  

A great fit on many levels  

Judy is a great fit on many levels.She is an excellent writer and editor and helps us to transform global campaigns into perfect native English language. Besides, she has the perfect B2B background and understands the world of healthcare and engineering. A great plus is her own intrinsic interest in all that’s new in the world of technologies and her love for B2B: “B2B is how the world runs. Healthcare and engineering products have a huge impact on how the world works,” is how she explains it herself.  

So her personal interest is definitely reflected in the job she’s doing.  

Steadiness and professionalism  

“It’s rare that I open my mailbox and there’s nothing from Living Stone in it.” The deep-rooted relationship between our agency and Judy results in a steady workflow. Sometimes there’s fulltime work and sometimes just a couple of hours, but there is always something. It makes being a freelancer at Living Stone steady and easy to manage. Another thing she really likes is the expertise and professionalism of the Living Stone team. For her it’s also valuable to learn for example more about the digital side of projects during meetings.  

Freelance colleague  

“I appreciate always being in the loop about projects. Even as a freelancer based far away I always know what is going on with regards to the projects I’m working on. This professional relationship I would definitely recommend to fellow-freelancers.”  

It goes without saying that Judy has become a true Living Stoner, part of the team, not just a freelancer but instead “a (freelance) colleague.”  

We are always looking for enthusiastic freelancers for different types of projects and assignments.  Are you a freelance copywriter, digital native or marketeer who would love to work on B2B projects? Let’s get in touch! We would love to connect.  

Email or call Anne-Mie at or call +32 (0)55 59 10 07.


Anne-Mie Vansteelant
Anne-Mie Vansteelant
COO | Managing Partner at Living Stone

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