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How to develop the best (digital) marketing strategies for B2B: part 1

Let’s face it, in 2019 the best marketing strategies for B2B are digital marketing strategies. In the past, the marketing plans we created might have included a small section on digital, outlining how we’d manage our website and maybe try some social media, in addition to all the traditional marketing tools. Now, our marketing strategies are primarily digital, with maybe a few traditional tools (like brochures, trade show booths, flags and banners, etc.) included in the mix. 

Does your business need a cost-effective way to attract more leads?

Well, if you haven’t already got an inbound marketing strategy in place, you strongly need to consider one. Inbound marketing is a highly-effective, customer-centric approach to lead generation, which will revolutionize your sales and marketing activities.

A winning rationale; 5 ways reference marketing sways prospects

A customer reference program not only builds good rapport with the spotlighted customer, it also persuades new prospects to buy.

Lead generation: van anonieme website bezoeker tot rendabele klant

Inbound marketing strategieën maken anonieme web site bezoekers tot favoriete aanhangers van uw aanbod.

Vermenigvuldig uw Lead Generation met de juiste online strategie

Heeft u het gevoel dat u met uw online marketing inspanningen tegen windmolens vecht? U zaait veel – lees: veel investeren in verplichte nummers, zoals uw web site, e-mail campagnes,… Maar u oogst weinig – lees: er komen geen leads binnen via uw online kanalen.

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