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Your customer in lockdown has never been so close

In-person meetings are an integral part of the face-to-face sales process in many B2B environments, but they’re not really possible in these lockdown times. As a result, sales and marketing professionals have had to find ways to gain the attention of their prospects and customers from a distance.

At Living Stone, we’ve put our focus on digital go2market strategies to help our clients stay close to their customers and target audiences.

Reduce the distance with Veeva and Showpad

We support our clients on two key sales enablement SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms: the Veeva platform, most commonly used in medical environments, and Showpad. Our role is to ensure that in this virtual world, the distance between your sales experts and your customer or prospect is reduced as much as possible, allowing you to consolidate and further develop contacts with your target groups.

We convert existing marketing and sales assets such as print, presentations, PDF folders and ebooks, brochures and white papers, to an html5 (browser) format. We also create new tools, to fill in any gaps or round out a topic area. This allows you to dynamically support the story of your salespeople with custom navigation and interactivity.

These are some of the benefits:

  • A selection of the most relevant materials can be set up in advance, ensuring efficient sales conversations with better focus
  • All formats can be combined: video, illustrations, copy-based papers, etc.
  • The materials viewed during the sales call are available to the customer after the call, together with any documents added by the sales rep
  • The sales rep and marketer gain insight into the customer’s use of the tools and the sales process is perfectly tracked from A to Z
  • With the rapid rollout of new documents, sales is always up-to-date and current, with the latest versions of all documents

You win as an organization on all fronts, and especially now, when the pandemic is impacting the pace of the sales cycle across most sectors and industries.

Small-scale webinars in combination with online education hub

Despite the many practical advantages and technology solutions such as digital halls, keynote areas, panel sessions, breakout sessions, sponsor lounges and various networking environments, (large-scale) virtual conferences are hard to get off the ground. Nobody looks forward to a two-day congress behind the screen. The importance of a small-scale webinar strategy is therefore increasing.

We are seeing the best results from a two-step strategy: small-scale webinars in combination with an online educational hub.

  • Consistent, short but highly-focused webinars, with a limited number of participants and ample time for interactive moments build a relationship with the audience. If delivered well and at the right level of content, they open the door with the customer and prospect, and provide permission to build further contact.
  • Further contact is stimulated by offering customers and prospects the chance to study a subject matter in more detail at your own 'academy' or 'campus'. An accessible platform that offers visitors a curriculum of webinars, videos and other interactive tools after registration and language selection can quickly grow into a serious lead generation tool that gives you in-depth insight into the interests and needs of your audience.

We would love to talk with you about ways to stay in "virtual proximity" with your customer or prospect, and shorten the realization time of your digital assets, automate the preparation and follow-up of sales calls, and increase customer engagement. If you’d like to find out how Living Stone can help you accelerate your growth, contact Anne-Mie, by email at, or call at +32 (0)55 59 10 01.

Anne-Mie Vansteelant
Anne-Mie Vansteelant
COO | Managing Partner at Living Stone

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