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What is marketing’s future? HubSpot survey shows surprising trends

More use of social media video; greater decentralization of content. What latest research now shows.

Three ways to kill good B2B content

Overall, it’s poor management that quietly strangles good B2B material. Here’s how to fix it. Most marketing executives produce high-quality B2B content that contributes to direct and indirect revenue. 77% of marketers say effective B2B communications is a core element of business success. More than €4.73B is spent on content creation and distribution. That’s something to live for!

Flanders Innovation Agency supports study into Living Stone’s marketing analytics service SONAR

Introduced to the market earlier this year, SONAR’s initial version allows healthcare and technology-driven organizations to understand what has taken place in their digital ecosystem during a given period, and identifies important trends and events (what happened on which channel, for example).

Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen steunt verder onderzoek van Living Stone’s marketinganalysedienst SONAR

Eerder dit jaar kwam de initiële versie van SONAR op de markt, een marketingtool die organisaties in de zorg- en technologiesector helpt om een beter inzicht te krijgen in hun digitale ecosysteem. SONAR analyseert gedurende een bepaalde periode de ontwikkelingen daarin en identificeert belangrijke trends en gebeurtenissen (bv. wat deed zich voor op welk kanaal).

A winning rationale; 5 ways reference marketing sways prospects

A customer reference program not only builds good rapport with the spotlighted customer, it also persuades new prospects to buy.

Why is it so hard to write effective B2B content?

60-70% of B2B communications content is never used. Why? In a word, relevancy! So, how do you make B2B content relevant? It begins by understanding and tailoring messages to each stage of the buyer’s personal journey. There are three: Awareness; Consideration and Decision. Most B2B content is ignored by sales or their prospects. Why? Because it doesn’t address the right stage a prospect is in. Each prospect’s stage will vary greatly.

Why do a marketing plan? For five solid business-focused reasons

Consider a marketing plan ‘turn-by-turn navigation’ for identifying and reaching target audiences to make them buyers. Maybe you’ve asked, “Is a marketing plan really necessary? I have good business sense and a degree in marketing, so why bother?”

Lead generation: van anonieme website bezoeker tot rendabele klant

Inbound marketing strategieën maken anonieme web site bezoekers tot favoriete aanhangers van uw aanbod.

Consistent zicht op de evolutie van je digitale marketing performantie

Bruikbare digital marketing analytics moet tegemoet komen aan diverse uitdagingen bij de rapportering rond digitale marketing:

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