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Showpad quantifies "bottom of the funnel" sales interactions

Many companies use a marketing automation tool as a stack consolidator, employing it for all e-mail marketing, content publication, landing page creation and similar actions. It reduces manual labor, reveals buyer behavior and automates lead qualification – and that makes it indispensable.

Reference marketing inspires customers to climb the loyalty ladder

Why invest time and money in an ongoing reference marketing program? The hidden payoff of customer loyalty is a big reason.  

Digitale marketing analytics tools: te veel om goed te zijn

In de Harvard Business Review beschrijft Alexandre Samuel haar conclusies uit gesprekken met social media marketingspecialisten van Fortune 500 bedrijven[1] : “The embarrassment of riches (in terms of social media software options) has given marketing, communications and customer relations pros a major integration headache. “We are almost having tool fatigue,” said Jay Bartlett, vice president of global social marketing for Xerox. “These tools are developed in a very fragmented way; I wish there were some integration. You can see how they could work together, but they are all very niche-y.”

Digitale marketing metrics: een vanity fair

De bedrijfswereld focuseert zich bij zijn marketinginspanningen in toenemende mate op digitale marketing. Hierbij worden (al dan niet bewust in het kader van een strategie) een reeks van platformen geselecteerd waarop men actief wenst te zijn.

Strengthening visual identity by telling a visual story

Five tips to inspire a visual story that’s strong; compelling; easily rolled out.  You can enhance your company’s visual identity by telling a visual story. How?

Why visual identity should align with business identity

Do customers subtly feel a disconnect when engaged with your company? Try a little experiment.   Lay some brochures, packaging, letterhead or comparable items for three of your main products before you. Do they project a unified visual feel or appear like they’re from different companies?

Vermenigvuldig uw Lead Generation met de juiste online strategie

Heeft u het gevoel dat u met uw online marketing inspanningen tegen windmolens vecht? U zaait veel – lees: veel investeren in verplichte nummers, zoals uw web site, e-mail campagnes,… Maar u oogst weinig – lees: er komen geen leads binnen via uw online kanalen.

Hiring a marketing manager or a marketing agency?

Every now and then, mostly when there is a workload peak, your management suggests hiring an additional marketing manager. Before you “simply” decide to enroll one more employee to the payroll, maybe you should consider these options: There are several serious flaws in this roadmap, as managers often overlook the high costs of hiring marketing talent internally as well as the loss of flexibility they incur with expanding internal departments.

How brand design gave firm footing to a new company

Is brand design worth the cost? A successfully launched IT company thinks so. Two years ago, Living Stone was selected to develop a brand design and overall strategic rollout for a new technology company created by the merger of Belgian IT consultants Tobius and SAGA Consulting Group. Called Tobania, the merger was finalized in December 2014. Tobania is nowadays recognized as one of the nation’s largest networks of ICT specialists.

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