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Bart Verduyn

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Digitale marketing leidt de dans in presidentsverkiezingen

De twee centrale kandidaten voor de US verkiezingen krijgen vandaag alle aandacht in de wereldmedia. In de marge spelen nog wat andere kandidaten mee, die misschien beter zullen scoren dan verwacht, omdat heel wat Amerikaanse kiezers de keuze tussen hangen of wurgen niet willen maken.

Steps to shaping the right positioning strategy

A positioning strategy molds an image for a product or service. A company undergoing major transformation used this discipline to redefine its go-to-market messaging.

Data shows Service Level Agreements help align inbound marketing programs and sales

Both teams should join in a firm handshake for mutual benefit, but historically work at arms’ length. What new research now shows.

Is it possible to fit scientific content to support marketing objectives?

It is one thing to incubate a stack of potential content as a company, but how do you turn complicated in-depth knowledge into valuable marketing assets? That was the question Cerus a biomedical products company focused on blood transfusion safety, confronted Living Stone with.

Data reveals new shifts in inbound marketing; sales priorities

SEO is key. Lead conversion vital but weak. How do you compare to current trends identified in HubSpot’s 2016 Inbound Report?

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